Search Engine Optimisation Exeter from Edworthy Media

Edworthy Media has a dedicated team of webmasters who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation Exeter and Devon. Gone are the days where you could inserts rows of keywords and your site would appear top of the list. Search engines (such as Google and Bing) look for a well structured site, relevance to the users search and ease of use.

If your website is slow to load, has irrelevant content and does not adapt to different devices, the search engines will mark your website down, as a result of this, you could be missing out on potential new business.

Edworthy Media’s team of experts can turn this problem around. Edworthy Media can analyse your site to see what issues might be causing your site to be indexed low down the results.

We can monitor search trends for your Key Words to see how well they can preform. We can also restructure your website to ensure that it is search engine friendly.

If you have any questions about our Search Engine Optimisation services or would like to find out more information. Please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team, all of our contact details can be found by clicking here

What methods of Search Engine Optimisation do Edworthy Media use?

Edworthy Media will only use the organic route to search engine optimisation. While there are other methods available, organic SEO has been proven to be the best method for search engine optimisation. In fact Google can remove websites from their index if they are found to use non-organic methods of SEO.

We use keywords, site structure and relevant images to preform our SEO tasks. This will complete in accordance to both the European Union and Google’s regulations. This ensures that your website remains complaint at all times.

Search Engine Optimisation Exeter and Devon from Edworthy Media

What is Involved?

First of all, Edworthy Media will analyse your current keyword usage and the structure of your text an images. Once this has been completed, we will then provide you with a quote for our recommendations based on the results of the audit.

Find Out More Or Request A Quote

Please do feel free to contact our helpful team if you would like more information, alternatively, you can request a quote on our Search Engine Optimisation packages. Our contact details can be found here. You can also contact us via our Facebook page.