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Edworthy Media Limited - Digital Marketing Web Design Exeter

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  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

Edworthy Media Limited - Digital Marketing - Web Design Exeter

                                 Web Design Exeter Phone  Call us on 01392 330 292

  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

A website is the first impression that a prospective client will get of your business. It provides all relevant information about your business all day, every day. If your website is slow to load or is unresponsive, users are more likely to navigate away from your site and find another business which is all of the information in an easy to read format without having to zoom in to read text or view images.

Mobile searches

Over 80% of all internet searches are now completed on a mobile phone or tablet. Studies have shown that if a user cannot navigate a website properly on their mobile device or tablet, they will navigate away. This will then send a negative response to Google known as a bounce. Depending on the overall bounce rate of your website, you risk being moved down in the search results or even removed. It is always important to give your users the best experience possible from your website.

Fast loading

For a website to be successful with the search engines, it needs to be fast loading and optimised. A common disbelief is that is that compressed images lose their quality. This is now incorrect. Image file sizes can be decreased by using different file formats that are specific to websites. These formats do not lose their quality and enable the website to be fast loading.


How can Edworthy Media help?

We can help to bring your business back to the top of the search results. We provide tailored website design that will work on all devices including mobile and tablets. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our team, who will be happy to help. If you would like to view some examples of our work, you can view our portfolio.

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Edworthy Media is a website design and social media agency in Bow, Crediton, Devon. We provide website design, search engine optimisation and social media solutions to businesses of all sizes across Devon and Exeter. We endeavour to provide high quality products and services to a wide range of clients. All of our services are unique to each individual client and their business.

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