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Edworthy Media Limited - Digital Marketing - Web Design Exeter

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  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

Search engine optimisation is a big factor in enabling your website to receive the views and interactions that you are expecting. Search engine optimisation is a complex task and requires constant tweaking. Gone are the days where anyone could publish a website with a list of keywords and then appear on the top results of search engines. There are now many different factors that impact on search engine optimisation to ensure that you are receiving the results that you need.

Different methods of SEO

There are different ways that search engine optimisation can be completed. We will explain the pros and cons of each method.

White-Hat Search Engine Optimisation

This is the best method of SEO. Every element is organic and reliable. Although this method can take a lot of time in both research and implementation, it is the best way to complete Search Engine Optimisation. Here at Edworthy Media, we mainly use white-hat SEO along with “Pay per Click” solutions. With this method, you are able to get the results from your website that you are expecting. Implementing this method along with a good website page structure and layout. It is important that you make the right choices when choosing your keywords and content to fit on your website. Here at Edworthy Media we can help with any SEO services that you require. For more information please visit our Search Engine Optimisation page, or please feel free to contact our helpful team.


Pay per Click Services (Such as Google Adwords)

There are also many paid techniques for Search Engine Optimisation. These are now as “Pay per Click Campaigns”. “Pay per Click” means exactly that. You pay a certain amount (bid) to appear as one of the top results on the search engines. When someone clicks on your link you will get charged (per click) your bid amount. Whilst these options do work, they do require a very large budget. These options are considered to be very short-term. You can implement “Pay per Click” methods alongside organic search engine optimisation.


Black-Hat Search Engine Optimisation

Black-hat methods of search engine optimisation are considered to be very bad. They can lower the reputation of a website and even lead to websites being removed from the Search Engine Index (SEI) altogether. These methods can have serious implications on your website and your business. In extreme cases, it can lead to prosecution. It is always best to stick to organic methods to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for.

In Summary

Edworthy Media provide organic search engine optimisation services to a wide range of clients across Crediton, Exeter and Devon. We specialise in organic search engine optimisation along with “Pay per Click” optimisation. Our services are unique to each client and their specific business goals. We work closely with all clients to ensure they receive the service and results that they require.

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Edworthy Media is a website design and social media agency in Bow, Crediton, Devon. We provide website design, search engine optimisation and social media solutions to businesses of all sizes across Devon and Exeter. We endeavour to provide high quality products and services to a wide range of clients. All of our services are unique to each individual client and their business.

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