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Edworthy Media have a team of dedicated webmasters, providing high quality website design, website maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation and are specialists in Digital Marketing.

Today, a Website is one of the most fundamental parts of any organisation. It is one of the ways you can be judged by your potential customers, it is a way of providing countless sources of information 24hrs a day, 365 days a year without you having to utter a word. There are many elements that are key to a positive website user experience these include, being able to navigate the site easily. The customer needs to find exactly what they want in a timely manner. All of the information needs to be clear and concise. You need to ensure there are no spelling mistakes or issues with grammar, this could market your professional business as unprofessional. The website needs a good balance of text contents and images, this ensures it is easy on the eye.

Social media is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers it allows you to keep your client base informed about any new products, services or offers you may have. Your website should draw people in and make them want to stay and look at your site not making them feel they cannot get rid of the site quick enough to visit a competitor’s. And last but by no means least your site needs to be easy to find. It needs to be structured to be easily crawled by search engines and has attractive content to please search engine criteria.

If you feel your website does not meet all the criteria above, we can carry out a site audit with recommendations to improve the structure and functionality of your business to ensure it is promoting your organisation in the most positive way.

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