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Edworthy Media Limited - Digital Marketing Web Design Exeter

                                  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

Edworthy Media Limited - Digital Marketing - Web Design Exeter

                                 Web Design Exeter Phone  Call us on 01392 330 292

  Web Design Exeter Phone Call us on 01392 330 292

Have you ever considered a new website for your business? Have you decided that it is time to start selling your products online? Well here at Edworthy Media, we can help. We have an expert team on hand to design you the perfect website. We work closely with all clients to ensure that they receive the website that they are looking for. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us.

Bespoke Designs

All of our designs are bespoke and tailored to each individual industry. No two companies are the same, so their websites shouldn’t be the same. We believe that it is important to be unique. A bespoke design will stick in a potential customers minds and keep them thinking about your business.

We work closely with all clients

The client is very much involved with all aspects of the design right from the start. We can cater for any amendments to the layout that you require. We also keep your target market in mind, making the website easy to use on all devices using different systems.

Fully Mobile Responsive

All of our website designs are fully responsive to all devices including mobiles. Over 90% of all internet searches are now performed on a mobile device. If your website doesn’t adapt to different screen sizes across different devices, then you could be loosing out on reaching new clients

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Edworthy Media is a website design and social media agency in Bow, Crediton, Devon. We provide website design, search engine optimisation and social media solutions to businesses of all sizes across Devon and Exeter. We endeavour to provide high quality products and services to a wide range of clients. All of our services are unique to each individual client and their business.

Edworthy Media - Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation

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