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Enhance Productivity and Security with Microsoft 365.

Boosting security and productivity, Microsoft 365 is the top solution for your business.

Email Cyber Attacks

Over 90% of all cyber attacks originate from emails. Businesses using free email services leave themselves vulnerable to having emails intercepted, changed and forwarded on. It has never been more important than now to ensure that your vital business communications are safe and secure.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity tools that includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It also offers cloud storage, collaboration features, and access to various online features. So, whether you need to write a document, Analyse data, create presentations or manage emails, Microsoft 365 has you covered! 


It is a subscription-based service, meaning rather than buying a copy of the suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, users instead pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service at a level of their choosing. 

Microsoft 365 Security

Critical documents and emails are stored safely and securely which majorly reduces the risk of documents being lost forever. Not only this but Microsoft boasts all the latest upgrades which allows your business to benefit from the highest-end security measures. Microsoft 365 Security goes beyond traditional security practices to provide a holistic and integrated security solution.

It helps ensure your critical information's integrity, confidentiality, and availability. It incorporates intelligent threat detection and response mechanisms to safeguard organisations against cyber threats. It offers strong identity and access management capabilities.Microsoft 365 Security also provides centralised security management tools that help organisations monitor, analyse, and respond to security incidents effectively. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

One of Microsoft 365’s major benefits is how flexible it is, it allows you to work anywhere in the world and all you need is an internet connection. It also has superior security features which protect you from cyber-attacks and possible data breaches. Another advantage, especially from a business perspective, is that it allows multiple people to collaborate on a document simultaneously! 

Office 365 allows your organisation to store all the files in the cloud. This means they can be accessed on any device, from any location with an internet connection. For organisations where mobile working is essential, accessing all the apps and files you need when out of the office is invaluable. 

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