Search Engine Optimization


Background of Search Engine Optimisation 

Webmasters first started optimising websites for search engines in the mid 1990’s, by the late 1990’s the term “Search engine optimisation” was first used.  Search engine optimisation is used by search engines to fetch information from sites that best fits the users search queries.  In 2010 Google announced a new web indexing system which would allow new posts and updates to appear faster than they had done before. Google then launched a new algorithm to make search results more relevant to the user queries.  Since then Google has launched more algorithm updates to prevent sites from having exact copies of content appear higher on the results list. These websites would then get penalized which meant their sites would get moved further down the search results list. All the main search provides (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have various requirements for Webmasters when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. We keep up to date with all the latest algorithms and requirements to avoid sites becoming backlisted or being moved really far down the results pages.


The Routes of Search Engine Optimisation


There are two main routes for SEO. There is the White Hat SEO option which is the organic way to SEO. There is the Black Hat method which although it will provide immediate results it is not the correct route to SEO. The White Hat method uses the relevant keywords from your site compared to the endless amount of pages with keywords that mean absolutely nothing to your site (The Black Hat Method).


The Black Hat method is usually completed by people who want a quick turn over for their website and do not care about the long term impacts on their site caused by Google picking up on the fact there is endless amounts of keywords on their site which mean nothing to what the site or company is about.  We do not recommend this method as it does not guarantee results as Google’s latest algorithms will see that there are pages with random keywords and will move your site further down the search results list. The Black Hat method does not focus on the user of your site. It only focuses on a simple quick turnover for your site e.g. getting as many views as possible because there are keywords that do not mean anything to your site.


The White Hat method however focuses on the user. This method is where keywords that relate to the content of your site are used to attract an audience who is searching those keywords. For example if someone was to search for “Web design” they would expect to see a web design agency website. This is because the term “Web design” is included within the sites keywords and descriptions and possibly even the title of the site. If they saw a website about shoes then that would mean the author of that site has been using a page full of different keywords to try and boost their results (The Black Hat method).


We recommend the White Hat method as it is known as “organic” meaning the data displayed is relevant to your site and what the function of your site is. With the Black Hat method if your site is found to be using the method it may end up being penalized which could lead to the site being backlisted (removed) for the search engine altogether which would be really bad for your business as you will lose your site traffic resulting in less people finding your business.


There is another method to ensure that your site appears at the top of the results page. That method is where you pay Google (through adwords) and they will show your site in a box at the top of the results pages. This method does cost you a lot of money in the long term and some people may be a bit weary to click on the link as there can be a few websites that are not what they say they are. Although this method is a good method we do recommend that you stick to the conventional White Hat method as that will not cost you anything extra.


Why do we use Search Engine Optimisation and what do we do with SEO?


We use SEO to make sure your site appears high on Google’s results. We ensure your site is unique from the rest to ensure that you remain high on the list at all times. We spend time putting the correct information where it is needed and crafting your site’s SEO settings so that it will provide you with the results you need.


All our SEO settings are organic so they are not copied from another site or boosted from an external source. The keywords we use on your site are unique to your site and they are also relevant to the content of your site. The site titles are unique to you and your business, your site descriptions are unique to your business and your site to ensure you remain on top. We ensure that that all the keywords and descriptions that we use fit every last piece of content on your site to avoid Google thinking that it is all just copied from an identical site to try and match another sites ratings.


The process of SEO is a long process; however we make sure that you get the results you want to boost your business. We keep up to date with the latest algorithms from Google so we can see what has changed in the world of SEO and edit the settings where required to ensure your site is high on the search results from the users queries.


We use SEO so that you get the site traffic you are expecting. We set it all up for you so you can concentrate on getting the business you need through your site.  We regularly preform checks to ensure your site is where it needs to be so more people can find your business without you having to worry. We also update the SEO if we find that your site is slipping down the results list.  If you think your site is slipping down the results list let us know and we will arrange to update the SEO settings so you can relax and focus on the business you are running.


In conclusion it all depends whether you want immediate or long term results and if you want your site to remain on top for as long as it can. We use the White Hat method to ensure your site will stay in the first section of result pages for as long as it can. Our SEO service is a great service and will ensure your site is seen by your target audience for as much time as possible without getting backlisted or pushed right to last section of the results page. We keep checking on the sites we are developing so that they remain on top of your competitors to ensure you get all the business you deserve.

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